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Utah State’s goals for increasing information literacy.

O'Conner, L. (2010). "Writing Information Literacy" Revisited. Reference & User Services Quarterly , 49 (3), 225.

In an effort to increase information literacy the library at Utah State University has four nice goals for their Introduction to Writing Course.
The four objectives are:

1. Students will define their information needs in order to anticipate what they and their audience need to know and to focus, shape and organize ideas in their writings.

2. Students will use a variety of sources to explore a topic in order to develop an appreciation of different types of information and their purposes.

3. Students will evaluate information for its value, relevance, and accuracy in order to develop the critical thinking skills of analysis and self reflection.

4. Students will recognize problems in their own research and writing in order to get assistance and further develop their writing and information literacy skills. (O'Conner, 2010)

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