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The Open Exchange of Ideas -(Wagner & Wilson, 2005)

Wagner, E. D., & Wilson, P. R. (2005, December). Disconnected. T&D Magazine, 59(12), 40-43.

[Insert the paraphrased material] (Wagner & Wilson, 2005).
Wagner and Wilson (2005) [Insert the paraphrased material].
According to Wagner and Wilson (2005) “[Insert the quotation ]” (p. ).

The open exchange of ideas is an essential component of social learning and communications-based models of learning and performance improvement, particularly when one is dealing with cognitive performance that addresses abstract ideas, problem solving, and critical thinking activities (Wagner & Wilson, 2005).

The natural extension of open, participative communication comes as greater value is attributed to collaborative work. The establishment of collaborative frameworks will help a learning organization better execute shared visions, strategies and tactics (Wagner & Wilson, 2005).

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