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What Good Teachers Do – (School Improvement Network, 2010)

School Improvement Network. (2010). How to Best Influence Student Achievement. Retrieved from http://mv.treehousei.com/Public/Online.aspx?msgId=7b445b65-1b77-ed16-3b32-a25fe97c02a3

According to the School Improvement Network (2010), The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) recently released a study, The Road Less Travelled, How Developmental Science Can Prepare Educator to Improve Student Achievement: Policy Recommendations.

Data shows that teacher performance is the single most important school influence in improving student outcomes.

The teachers who best influence student achievement:

1. Know their children as individuals, which may be even more important than knowing the content being taught, and makes students feel acknowledged and respected.

2. Provide an emotional foundation for learning for their students. As emotion affects cognition, students who feel safe and excited in the classroom are more motivated to learn.

3. Organize and manage their classrooms to be efficient learning environments. Students who are comfortable with classroom roles that are congruent with learning are better able to focus on the tasks of learning.

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