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Higher Education Today – Change – And the Future of..

Higher education institutions, especially in the US, have always been social change agents even though they themselves maintained century old traditions (Craig, 2004).

Their slow or lack of response to external changes is a paradigm paralysis (Gayle, Bhoendradatt, & White Jr., 2003), while their fast growth of discipline oriented career paths have contributed to the decline of traditional academic cultures (Kabanoff, Waldersee, &. Cohen, 1995).

There is no middle ground between the pragmatist and reconstructionist approaches to change in higher education organizations. One is too traditionalist, idealistic, holding back to century old cultures while the other is progressive, adopting rapid and often untested change, in order to solve immediate problems.

"Personally, I do not have a philosophy that can join the too in an acceptable rapid response to change, yet holding to traditional values of higher education. Can we maybe brainstorm on a practical solution? For any of us who aspire for a career in higher education administration, this is going to be the main challenge: get your institution to lead in a rapidly changing world without loosing the institution's cultural heritage!"

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