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Brick-and-Mortar universities are becoming “Global”.

Scott (2006), is of the belief that, “the traditional brick-and-mortar university will dramatically transform its structure, and it will formulate a new mission: internationalization.” Postmodern universities will likely not abandon their traditional social responsibilities but will make evolve towards internationalization or service to the body of nation-states. Globalization of higher education is causing traditional brick-and-mortar colleges and universities to change their mission from a public service mission; typical thought the 20th century, to a global mission to service the world.

Examples of recognized American institutions that have already changed mission statements to reflect this, according to Scott (2006):
George Washington University - "International Understanding and Exchange"
University of Michigan - "Service to the World"
Penn State University - "World Campus"
Boston College - "Global Citizenship"

Scott, J. C. (2006). The Mission of the University: Medieval to Postmodern Transformations. Journal of Higher Education , 77, (1), 1.

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