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No Child Left Behind – Madness

McElroy, E.J. (2008, February). Tests, tests and more tests. American Teacher, 92(5), 2.

"By focusing exclusively on test scores and setting aside teacher judgment, the law has created a 'teach to the test' mania that is overwhelming American schools and narrowing the curriculum. Teachers and students need a law that supports good teaching, gives credit to schools when students are making progress, and offers real help-not unproven mandates-for struggling schools" (McElroy, 2008).

We are at a time in history when citizens of the U.S. will demand less government in every aspect of their lives. There is entirely too much bureaucracy in programs like No Child Left Behind are.. a mess. Students in lower income neighborhoods who enter our schools need different skills than students from more affluent neighborhoods. Students should not be tested on the same material, and administration and teachers should not be spending so much of their time teaching to the test.

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