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The Holders of Power Are Suspect – (Greenleaf, 2002)

Greenleaf, R. K., Spears, L. C., & Stephen, R. (2002). Servant leadership: A journey into the nature of legitimate power and greatness 25th anniversary edition. Indianapolis, IN: The Robert K. Greenleaf Center.

Greenleaf, Spears, and Stephen (2002), suggest that in a relatively short period, our society has moved from a society of individuals to a society dominated by large institutions. As a consequence we have a crisis of institutional quality, not so much from depredations of “evil” people as from sheer neglect by the “good” people.” Greenleaf questions a person’s wholeness and creativity to oneself, when one chooses not to lead when there is an opportunity to do so.

We live in a time when holders of power are suspect, and actions that stem from authority are questioned (Greenleaf et al., 2002). How self-governing is our democracy? Has there been significant “change” in government since Obama has been elected? Or is it more of the same? Is the leadership questionable? According to Greenleaf et al. (2002), we live in the age of the anti-leader, and our vast educational structure devotes very little care to nurturing leaders or to understanding followership.

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