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Dissertation Tip – Follow IRB Guidelines and Succeed

It is important to stress to everyone, when you submit your proposal, very carefully following the IRB application, keep in mind the austere responsibility placed on the IRB in assuring ethical, safe research in human beings. It is a time consuming thorough process, which may result in requesting further information or changes from the applicant. Sometimes it may seem trivial, but this is a rigorous process with grave responsibility.

My experience with IRB includes membership on two concurrent boards. We had two boards because of the volume of proposals submitted. Different from what you will experience by going through the University of Phoenix IRB, investigators were invited to attend a part of the review when there were questions or doubts of the scientific value or rigor for a proposal. To me it was analogous to a court room trial where the investigator had to have their proposal clear in mind and be able to defend the proposed methods.

Because of events occurring in research since my experience, the responsibilities are even greater for IRB's. Keep this in mind as you progress in developing your proposal using the research process. Following the IRB guidelines and providing the answers and changes if requested will enhance the rigor and ethical compliance for your proposals.

~F. Nelson (2011)

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