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Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research – (Schmidt & Brown, J. (2009)

“Quantitative” and “Qualitative” distinguish different research types.

Quantitative research views the world as unbiased. Quantitative studies characteristically test a hypothesis. Quantitative research requires that researchers separate themselves from occurrences being considered. The focus is on collecting empirical evidence, in other words, evidence gathered through the five senses (Schmidt & Brown, 2009). Observations are measured Numbers that can later be statistically analyzed are used by the researcher.

A big difference of qualitative research is that the world is viewed as prejudiced. There can be multiple realities because the context of the situation is different for each person and can change with time (Schmidt & Brown, 2009). In qualitative research verbal descriptions are stressed to describe human behaviors. In qualitative research, the focus is on providing a detailed description of the meanings people give to their experiences (Schmidt & Brown, 2009).

from p. 15


Schmidt, N. & Brown, J. (2009). Evidence-based practice for nurses. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett

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