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Mobile Device Stats – (Danforth, 2003), (Obringer & Coffey, 2007)

The advancement of mobile devices during the past decade has made it ordinary for students and teachers to have and use a mobile device while at school.

Data from 2004 indicated that 58 percent of 6th -12th graders have a cell phone and 68 percent of students regularly bring cell phones to school (Obringer & Coffey, 2007).

The number of cell phones in the United States rose from 1.2 million in 1987 to 145 million in 2002 (Danforth, 2003).

Thoughts: As a result of mobile devices many students become distracted, disconnected and unconscious to events taking place in the classroom. The issue for the high school classroom teacher is how to compete for and maintain the attention of students distracted by mobile devices. This condition represents a growing challenge for teachers.

Danforth, E. L. (2003). Mixed signals. American School Board Journal, 190 (7), 30–32.

Obringer, S. J., & Coffey, K. (2007). Cell Phones in American High Schools: A National Survey. Journal of Technology Studies, 33(1), 41.

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