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Grounded Theory Origins – (Bryant, 2002)

Glaser and Strauss first published studies using the grounded theory method with their co-workers in the early 1960s (Bryant, 2000). The method remains closely aligned with its original design introduced in the 1960’s by Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss who developed grounded theory as the result of what they believed to be a disparity between theory origination and authentication.

They wanted to create a basis for qualitative research in the social sciences, in opposition to research that at the time relied almost entirely on statistical or quantitative methods. According to Bryant (2000), Glaser and Strauss stated, “although obtaining accurate facts is important, we address ourselves to the equally important enterprise of how the discovery of theory from data - systematically obtained and analyzed in social research - can be furthered” (p. 3).

As I begin to better appreciate grounded research, it is my belief it could prove an enjoyable experience for the researcher and at the same time a tedious one. It also seems that grounded theory hasn’t changed much from when Glaser and Strauss introduced it. This idea could be used to argue in favor of grounded theory’s strength or a weakness as it has difficulty developing beyond its beginnings.

Bryant, A. (2002). Re-grounding Grounded Theory. JITTA: Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application, 4(1), 25+.

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