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Dr. Linda Brown on University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is one of the most organized and well ran academic institutions anyone will encounter.

The teachers are great and most are dedicated; the students are great, and the organization and support for teachers and students is phenomenal.

Individuals who were educated in the four-walls and chairs environment are looking at the experience in the classroom in a most familiar manner; that is what they know, that is what they are comfortable with. There is a tendency to think less of that we know less about for some reason.

Graduates from the University of Phoenix should walk tall and carry a big smile, because it takes more than going into a classroom, on cue, twice a week at a designated time to say you are a successful learner.

Online learning requires persistence, self-discipline, self-determination, good writing skills, the ability to discuss and openly share thought, opinions and biases with others in a professional and cordial atmosphere, the skills to research and analyze and synthesize information and data, etc.

Dr. Linda Brown
University of Phoenix Faculty

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