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Stereotype of a Scholar

“The common stereotype of a scholar is someone who sits atop an ivory tower inhaling the heady vapors of meta physics. In reality, scholars participate in the everyday world. Although they may be expert in particular areas of content, scholars relish diverse sources of broad and general knowledge. What most distinguishes scholars from content experts is their ability to write effectively” (Walker, C., 2003).

In the academic setting, I write and to share scientific research or debate with other professionals my beliefs. Often times, I get discouraged and think, “I can never be a scholarly writer or I just don’t think like that.” The truth is we can all be scholarly writers. Being a scholarly writer does not mean that you must write about vague and obtuse information or research findings, instead, you can view it as a dialogue. Writing and research are characteristics of good scholarship. I feel this course has helped me with completing the research behind the writing!
~C. Terry, M.Ed

Walker, C.A. (2003, Summer) A scholar is what a scholar writes practical tips on scholarly writing. Journal of Theory Construction and Testing, 7(1),p. 6-10.

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