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Adjunct Faculty Trends

Select and research at least one topic related to current issues or trends in economics of higher education and summarize what you found.
There are no signs that the trend of an increasing amount of adjunct faculty in colleges and universities is likely to end or decline anytime soon. Economically, budgets continue to tighten and the hiring of part time personnel is only likely to increase. An important and prominent reason for the reliance on part time faculty is that they are less expensive to support than full time faculty.

In cases where the part time applicants (or the applicant pool) is large, colleges enjoy a buyers market. Here they are able to pick and choose to find qualified people willing to work for low wages. This situation does little to breed institution loyalty. Worden and Greive (2000) make comment “it is little wonder that ‘institution-hoping’ takes place among the ranks of adjuncts, they go where the higher pay and the larger contract is offered” (p. 224).

How would you address the issue or trend?
One general way to address this trend is to ensure part time or adjunct faculty are held to the same principles as full time faculty. The needs of adjunct faculty are not radically different from the needs of fill time faculty and as such they should be considered together when designing and employing faculty development and procedure (Worden & Greive, 2000).

Worden, C.A., & Greive, D.E. (2000). Managing adjunct and part-time faculty for the new millennium. Elyria, OH: Info-Tech.

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