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Goodbye Textbooks: The Shift to Digital Learning

The cost of a high school text book can easily be close to $100 in cost, and outdated within a year.

One way school and students could save money would use digital textbooks that could be delivered on a computer or tablet. This would save money (as most all publishers have their text in digital form) and it would be able to get updated material to student more quickly. It also seems this may be a better way to educate our student and prepare them for their ongoing future education as more and more cutting edge learning takes place online and is more engaging than a textbook ever could be. Digital learning makes it possible to watch videos and take quizzes to make sure they understand material. And if they do not, the text might not permit them to move on until they do. Personally I enjoy value the use of a physical text or print out when I am asset to read something. Buy in efforts to save time and money I find myself reading and creating more things tailored for digital learning.


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