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Is Academic Research Suspect?

Examples of research conflicts and biased research are abound, and we live in a time when we should question everything, even “scholarly” research. In 2007 Ivey league researchers (funded by corporations) deemed mortgage backed securities, safe investments. It was later revealed these academics were paid by big bucks by the big bank for their scholarly stamp. Remember what happened to these in 2008?

It is my belief that more emphasis should be placed on teaching in academics than on research. While the skepticism towards academic research grows, it seems professors might be more productive doing other things like improving their teaching and thus the students’ experience.

Altbach, Berdahl, Gumport, (2011) charge that, “Outside of the hundred or so major research universities, the quality and relevance of much academic research is questionable. Some critics have gone further, saying that much of academic research is a scam” (p.238).

Wow and again..
“Some have gone further, saying that much of academic research is a scam”

Altbach, P. G., Berdahl, R.O., & Gumport, P.J. (2011). American higher education in the twenty-first century: Social, political, and economic challenges (3rd ed.). Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

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