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What the difference between Glaserian and Straussian theory? A Simple Answer.

capabilities-icons-researchThe core of the conflict between Glaser and Strauss is whether verification should be an outcome of grounded theory analysis or not. In other words, do we need proof? Glaser would say no.

In 1987, Strauss indicated that induction; deduction and verification are “absolutely essential”. In other words, Strauss insists on introducing an idea; removing the idea, in an effort to verify confirm a model or theory.

In contrast, Glaser maintains that grounded theory is inductive only. Or that the introduction of the idea only is necessary.

Those who adopt a Straussian approach are generally attracted by the clearer guidelines for data analysis. Conversely, those who adopt the Glaserian approach find the more open approach to data analysis liberating.

There is some concern that Strauss’s more explicit approach to data analysis, rather than making data analysis easier, makes it more difficult.

Coding: Trust Thyself
Researchers should trust their instincts and not focus too closely on the analytical procedures. Sometimes, one has to use common sense and not get caught up in worrying about what is the right or wrong way. The important thing is to trust oneself and the process. Students should stay within the general guidelines ... and use the procedures and techniques flexibly according to their abilities and the realities of their studies.” (Strauss and Corbin, 1998a p.295)

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